TAN WITH US – Whether you’re looking to get a traditional sun tan or a sunless tan, City Tan is the place for you! We believe in giving our clients the best in everything – great prices, educated staff, advanced equipment and high-quality products – and with plenty of options to customize your plan to achieve a gorgeous sun tan or a natural-looking sunless tan. Or you can combine them for a Double-Dip!

Step inside a City Tan, and the first thing you’ll notice is how warm and inviting it is. Our style is contemporary and made with your comfort in mind. No harsh lights and tacky interiors here! We know everyday life is busier than ever, so we go out of our way to make sure we’re more than just a place to tan. Your time in our tan salon should be a chance to unwind and escape.


mystic-tanMystic Tan – The most trusted brand in the industry. Mystic Tan revolutionized the spray tan, producing perfect, flawless, natural results every time. Our sunless tanning booth offers what we believe to be the best spray tan available by using airbrush technology to give you a lovely glow that you can customize through several color options.

Your resulting spray tan is 3 to 5 shades darker and can last 5 to 7 days. Our best spray tan utilizes natural ingredients. Click here to learn more about Mystic Tan.

norvell-airbrush-spray-tanningNorvell airbrush spray tanning – We offer custom airbrush spray tanning, a seamless tan with three levels to create a natural look! Each client has their airbrush tan applied by a highly skilled and trained airbrush tanning specialist, whom will carefully spray their entire body evenly and beautifully. Works great for Body Building & Fitness Competition Color for body building, bikini, and fitness athletes.


Bronze level:

ambition-200These sun tanning beds are our best value for getting your base tan and maintaining it!

Gold Level:


Rejuvasun: The first of its kind to combine LED light therapy and tanning in one single unit!


Ambition 250:  The Ambition 250 has a combination of Super Power UV lamps and high-pressure facials.

Platinum Level:

ergolineavantgardeThe luxurious Ergoline Avantgarde is designed for those that are interested in building their base tan quickly. Its powerful design provides stronger bronzing results recommended for advanced tanners.

platinum-52The Platinum laydown bed is great for building a base tan.  This “360 tanning bed” offers side lamps, shoulder lamps and 4 high pressure facial lamps. Featuring a 12 minute maximum tan time, you only need to visit a maximum 3 times per week.

elite-tanning-pod-2The Elite stand up is a quick 9 minute maximum tanning unit. It features 9,400 watts of power with continuous airflow for a comfortable tan.add a space You can achieve and maintain your tanning goal in just 2-3 visits per week.

Diamond Level:

Our instant sun tanning beds are the best way to get a tan fast. Get your base tan generally 5-10 times faster than our Fast sunbeds – it takes just 2-3 visits!


Velocity: This radical, futuristic design has taken the tanning bed world by storm. This bed provides a unique high-pressure experience that gives deep, long-lasting color for both fair-skinned and dark-skinned customers.